Liebster Award

The Liebster Award. Thankyou to +Clare Farrelly yet again for nominating me for one of these, and because of the definition of that word you gave, I now no longer need to look it up! :D But, for the sake of others, I shall post a definition anyway. ;)
'Liebster', being German, is pronounced 'l EE b s t uu r', which is the only pronunciation I could find on Google, and I hope is somewhat helpful. It means, as Clare specified on her blog, pretty much all the synonyms you can think of for 'nice'. :D
There are rules for the award this time, and I place them here:

I. Post the award on your blog.
II. Thank the person who nominated you, linking back to the Liebster post on their blog.
III. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
IV. Nominate another 11 bloggers whom you think deserved of this award. (I don't know 11, I will do a few that I know and might not have already been awarded this)
V. Answer the 11 questions asked by your nominator, and write 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

Hrm... to write eleven facts about one's self - I take that, not as, 'I have teeth', 'I can read', or 'I am a human' kinds of facts, but more like facts about who you actually are, so this might be harder than it seems. :) Let's have a go, shall we?

1. My personality (according to this) is a cross between ENFP and ESFP.
2. I'm generally an outspoken person, but when I think I do not have a good enough grasp on the conversation, and could give a comment that might not be entirely correct, I go silent.
3. I prefer to join conversations rather than start them.
4. I've never liked the dark.
5. I cross my arms or crack my knuckles when I don't know what to do with my hands.
6. My head tends to rest on an angle when I'm contemplating.
7. I'm ambidextrous, but more right than left. :D
8. I can be very vague at times, and I don't get jokes easily. XD :P
9. I really don't like being disturbed whilst reading a book.
10. I don't believe I've ever met a food I've disliked.
11. It's hard for me to not show when I dislike someone - but I'm the kind who loves people fiercely, though they may not know it.

And to answer Clare's questions!

1. What series of books did you used to like but now realize is pretty terrible?
The Pony Pals series and the Box Car Children series. The latter was and still is extremely lame, but the Pony Pals were alright when I was younger.

2. Who's your favourite villain/baddie?
Megamind from 'Megamind', Hopper from 'A Bug's Life', Loki from 'Thor' and 'The Avengers', Jack Frost from 'The Santa Clause 3',...

3. What is your favourite place to be? (In bed is not allowed)
Outside with my animals on a beautiful morning, or outside on a clear sweet night beneath the stars.

4. What is your favourite memory?
I have so many! - riding my strawberry roan standardbred with my sister for the first time; building tall grass teepees in the paddocks with my siblings; billycart races; cops and robbers on push bikes around the shed; climbing large trees to slide down a long rubber water hose with a piece of welding glove; milking cows and feeding calves; jumping in deep puddles with tall gumboots on; walking in the bush across the road when we were real little; the cheers that arose when it was said that we're having pancakes for lunch; learning to crack a stockwhip at old Sydney town; birthday parties; summer evenings with the family, outside in the warmth of the slowly setting sun;... :D

5. Can you solve a rubix cube?
Depends on if you're allowed to use Google - if not, then no. XD

6. Can you dance, if not, do you want to learn?
I can bushdance, which is really the best and easiest of them all, but I would really like to know how to dance ballroom dances like in Jane Austen films.

7. Have you ever played a practical joke on someone, and if so, what was it?
Mm... nope, I don't believe so. If any of you who are reading this know that I have, feel free to enlighten me. ;)

8. Flat tire or air plane?
Flat tires on anything is horrible, and I'm not fussed on flying in air planes. But if it is compulsory to choose one, the air plane.

9. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?
Er... how far in the future is my future self? My answer would depend on that. :)

10. When playing naughts and crosses, which do you pick?
Crosses every time, unless someone chooses before me.

11. What's the last thing you drew a picture of?
I have absolutely no idea... it may have been a banana...

I've nominated people for this kind of thing before, so if I've nominated you, and you don't feel like writing a post or you've done this before, that's perfectly fine! You could answer my questions in a comment below or just skip out on the fun altogether. ;)
I hereby dub RosieJames, and Lisa as worthy bloggers of this award! :D
As for questions, here we are:

1. Have you ever been overseas, if so, where?
2. What was the last sweet delicacy you cooked?
3. KFC or McDonald's?
4. What is your favourite song?
5. If you had the chance, would you go back in time and relive an event of your choice? If so, which?
6. Does the smell of Christmas beetles mean anything/bring back any memories for you?
7. Favourite book/series?
8. Who is one person you want to meet before you die?
9. Who was the last person you spoke to?
10. If red was a number, what would it be?
11. What is one thing you are looking forward to at this moment?

There! Done the dreaded questions! I can never think up very many decent ones, but I look forward to reading answers anyway. :D

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Clare said...

I did like reading the answers to " What is your favourite memory?"

Rosie said...

I am posting as we speak!

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