For My Friend

A poem with no edits that I wrote today in a moment of deeply heart-felt inspiration.

~ For My Friend ~

A little tear in my heart
For the hurting of a friend
The salty tears in my eyes
For the heart of him who cries
A desperate need and yearning
For a heart that is opened

A heavy burden on his shoulders
Do you see the painful life?
The suffering written in his face
I wish that I could erase
None to help him carry this
So he struggles with the strife

I see him raise a trembling hand
As he prays and worships You
The stress he holds within his mind
Is gone for awhile, for a time
He clings to the only hope he has
That God will get him through

No one knows how deep the wound
But it tears me up inside
To see my friend endure so much
Yet still respond to Your gentle touch
To suffer trials he shouldn't bear
And push through to the other side

I pray in earnest for my friend
That at this difficult stage
He would find a refuge of peace
For all his anxiety to finally cease
But that wisdom will follow
The hard decisions to be made

* purposefully no punctuation :)

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