He's There for You

You give a giggle to hide a pain,
Yet you smile, again and again;
The outside world,
You withdraw yourself;
Behind the mask,
You're on a shelf. ...

No one knows what's going on,
Only you, you know what's wrong;
Wanting to trust,
Afraid to fear;
Who sees your heart
Without them near?

Reaching out, you touch the Light,
Don't give up without a fight;
He's there for you,
To take your hand;
He's there for you,
To help you stand.

Take the challenge, begin to dare,
Start to trust that He really cares;
Accept what was given,
Don't back down;
In Jesus' hands
You're safe and sound.

Surrender the fears you're holding to,
Believe that God will help you through;
Take a breath
To contemplate;
The walk of faith,
In a different gait.

Change your direction, not to yourself,
Hold to the grip He extends from Himself;
Skip to His heart,
Run to His beat;
Sing to His song,
And wait at His feet.

Follow Him out to the promised land,
Stick by His side till the ultimate end;
You'll be in Him,
And He'll be in you;
Another reminder:
He loves you, too.

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Annie Riley said...

Did you write that?? Either way I loved it.

Lecheria Criada said...

I did. Thank you! :)

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