So... this is what a blog looks like! No prizes for guessing who the genius is behind it all. ;) Give a hand and many thanks to my dear sister, BushMaid, for taking several hours from her day as well as her busy schedule to set this up for me. I must say, she is incredible at what she does; this is exactly what I had wished for - absolutely perfect! B) ¡Muchas gracias! ...

So basically I'm going to be using this blog for bits of my own poetry, short paragraphs of whatnot, pieces of inspired writing, descriptions of places I'd love to travel, musical aspirations and ideas, my learning of the language of Spain, along with recipes and photos of some of the stuff I cook here at home, to cover a few of the amount of topics I plan to write about. :D
Most likely the majority of posts will not be very long, but it should improve with time.

Thanks for visiting, and if you want, feel free to follow! :D

God bless,

Lecheria Criada aka DairyMaid


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Emily Dempster said...

Awesome! Looking forward to reading posts... and yes, the design is amazing. :D

Jasmine Ruigrok said...

Anytime, love! I had fun making it for you. :D xox

Clare said...

I must say the blog does look really nice! Will definitely be following you :D

Alice Farrelly said...

Looks good... I can't read the Spanish though...

Jonathan Garner said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, DairyMaid!

Lecheria Criada said...

Thank you, Em! :D
@Bush - * grins * xo
Thanks, Clare. :)
@Alice - That's what Google Translate is for to those who can't read it. ;)
Thank you, Jonathan! Glad to be here. ;)

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