Prodigal Me

He sadly shakes his head as he watches me walk down the road;
Away from his heart, away from my home,
I leave my father with everything that I've known;
To pursue my own way to judge what's best,
Not thinking of all that I have left,
Or the consequence as a result of this test.

I live well enough only considering myself and I,
Hiding from the fears of the truth and a lie,
Pressing the cares to the back of my mind;
Til I finally look down upon my empty, empty hands,
And realize the insanity of my foolish plans.

I'd be better off if I were damned!
For how could I return with this obvious shame in my soul?
I find I never knew my father after all,
And I could never give back what I stole.

As I turn back in the rags of my own wealth and making,
I tremble to feel my heart breaking,
And bitterly regret my dreadful forsaking.

I arrive barefoot on the hill of my father's land,
And I cannot see past where I stand:
I know I am not a worthy man.

But here I wearily fall to my knees with tears in my eyes,
To hear the sound of a human voice cry:
"My son, I though you were dead but now you are alive!"
He embraced me with a love I'd forgotten was there.

My voice gives way to say the words I dared:
"I cannot be your son for I'm not worthy of your care."

He shook his head and tenderly he kissed his  beloved son,
"Bring to me my richest robes and quickly put them on,
Kill the fatted calf to rejoice with feast and song!
I know you are ashamed to think that there is no hope for you, 
But my love had never left and though you wandered from what was true,
You have finally been found and have found this love you thought you knew."

And sometimes a wanderer stumbles blindly, like a lamb who has gotten lost,
Though the ninety nine may not notice or even laugh and scoff,

The shepherd never gives up on the one no matter what it costs.

- olivia jane, 13/09/17

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