Where do I find the rest I need

Not to satisfy my selfish greed

But when my soul is tired from

My flesh and religious legalism

I have to know I have some hope

In something more outside my scope

So is rest defined as closing my eyes

And my lack of conscious mind

Or is it something more than sleep

When I'm dead upon my feet

Is rest a kind of precious peace

Where only my heart can find that feast

Or is it faith within a sword

Whose price for peace I can't afford

Is rest a contented soul for life

That never finds it any strife

Or is it hope throughout a trial

Not in drink or in a vial

But in a love that's stronger than

The ink on parchment from a pen

A love that is even deeper than grace

Who looks my inadequacy in the face

In one Who died upon a cross

With no guarantee being given from us

In one Who pours out from the throne

A love that melts the hardest stone

In one Who has given His life for peace

To save the world so death would cease

Who bore the curse for laws transgressed

That I would find His yoke of rest

A burden lifted from my heart

To know His love is never far

It goes beyond my deepest ache

All the hurts I give and take

This rest I long for and require

Is simply trusting He is higher

To be at peace with my own soul

To find the faith to seek the goal

To live and learn of being free

In simply accepting His love for me

~ olivia jane

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Clare said...

"hope throughout a trial" I like that line a lot. Lovely poem Olivia.

Olivia Ruigrok said...

Thank you Clare. :)

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