Beneath the Ocean

Sometimes when it's hard to keep on going without answers, doubt is that rip in the ocean that tries to drag you down & out, to tear your eyes from Jesus to look at your fate in the waves of despair... 
but Jesus doesn't leave you there to drown beneath the ocean - He grabs your hand, and He says, "Why did you doubt?"


What lies beneath the ocean?
It's a mystery to me;
If I live beneath the ocean,
is there air enough to breathe?

What lies beneath the ocean
pulling me further down?
If I live beneath the ocean,
how long until I drown?

Stand on the water
and pull me ashore;
give me the faith
to walk with you, Lord.
It's doubt that drags me
back under the ocean;
in a world of confusion,
of hate and commotion.
Help me to keep
my eyes on Christ;
to trample the doubt
and conquer the strife.

For You know what's in the ocean
as I struggle in the waves;
If I drown beneath the ocean,
You are strong enough to save.

For what lies beneath the ocean
is a dark and stormy sea;
But when I'm walking on the ocean,
it doesn't matter much to me.


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Clare said...

Cool, that may have been meant metaphorically but in the story I am writing some land creatures do literally live in a hidden place under the ocean. SO the poem brought all these cool thoughts about that to me :D

Jasmine Ruigrok said...

Beautiful. Love this. We need to write some music for your words.

Emily Messner said...

Love your words. Thankyou for sharing xo

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